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Say hello to VisionByLucy!

As you know, we've been working on something rather exciting behind the scenes. Well it's time for the big reveal! 

We've been doing our bit to help fellow #smallbusinesses because we know how difficult it is to keep up to speed with the competition in the online retail world. Not only is it difficult, for smaller businesses it can be quite harsh on the pocket too. With all the outgoings of running your own little business, we understand & we'd love to help you create your own vision.

So we have decided to share some of our secrets with you so that you can give them a whirl! 

We've been working hard on a brand new sister company to ShotByLucy to help you create the most beautiful lifestyle #productphotography in the comfort of your own home!

All you need to create your #vision is:

• A camera (even a phone will do!) but it must be of a decent quality to achieve nice results.

• A/some #VisionByLucy backdrops

• Some daylight/sunlight

I'm pretty sure we've all got a smartphone & the light of day bit covered so we're almost there! 

All our backdrops are truely unique to #VisionByLucy as all the imagery was taken by my own fair hands! Beautiful imagery magically transformed into foam board backdrop goodness! They can be propped or laid down for your flat lay photos making staging your small scenes a piece of cake!

Pop over to to see our current collection. New products are constantly being added so be sure to follow VisionByLucy on Twitter & Instagram too! 

 *Please note that the quality of your finished photography will be dependent on the quality of camera/phone used. Lower pixel equipment will produce lower quality work. These will be perfect for social media & website use but obviously they won't be the best quality for large scale print.