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Latte, & a #DREAMFEED please...

Hey guys,

I’m sure you’ve seen the tweets over the last week about our new #DREAMFEED Instagram packages.

Well here’s a little bit more info on what we can do for you!

We know the burden of having to source imagery & create content for your social media feeds. Instagram especially requires interesting & beautiful content to keep your followers engaged. 

So we’ve put together some very special instagram packages just for you that will put an end to panic posting!

Our base package starts with 10 styled, fully edited lifestyle shots for one set price. No day rates, no hourly rates. Just beautiful lifestyle #productphotography to display your brand/products at their best!

Only need one set of images? Totally fine!

If you’d like to set up a monthly direct debit for continuous brand new images, perfect! Just let us know & we will arrange that.

You can add text graphics onto this package for a little extra & we’ll create some amazing text graphics to include on your posts. Your logo will be included if you wish, we’ll use your fonts so everything will match your brand. These are fabulous for breaking up the images with fun & inspirational quotes or just simple facts about your products!

Its your Instagram, we’ll do it your way!

If you’d like to know more about our #DreamFeed packages then please get in touch on or pick up the dog & bone & call us FREE Mon-Fri 0808 178 0066.

Have a great week!
#ShotByLucy x